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I wanted a blog to reflect my life and, as with most people, I do and am many things, decided to create a Pillow Book. It will have thoughts, ideas, observations and little snippets of my day to day life. So, thank you Empress Consort Teishi....... I bow to you and your great work and hope, in some small way, mine might be great too.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Are you ready yet?

Only a week to go...my children are all home and I am, I must say, feeling quite relaxed about Christmas.  We decided this year to have a low key one. This came from a shopping trip I had a couple of weeks ago,  I was in our local mall, which at it's best is a grim place but this time of years gets MUCH worse. I stood and watched the frenzied dashing of people from shop to shop, just buying 'stuff'. This 'stuff' will be wrapped and looked at and no doubt discarded...and suddenly it all seemed so wrong...I had such a strong feeling of how distasteful it all was and how this was not to be our Christmas. We are not a big spending Christmas family, our Christmas is more about food and drink, being together, traditions and did I mention food and drink...... 

So our Christmas was low key but lovely....we stilll went to Christingle and had a giggle and a good sing and Nat still ate the sweets. We still had our Christmas Eve meat free meal and lit candles for those no longer with us.
We still had Bucks Fizz for breakfast and a cooked together late lunch, Dr Who and a Boxing Day walk on the beach. Time for silly games and reading books, old films, fires and chocolates....cold turkey, turkey sandwiches, turkey curry, pie and soup....yes low key but full of love and truely wonderful.
I hope yours was too!

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