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I wanted a blog to reflect my life and, as with most people, I do and am many things, decided to create a Pillow Book. It will have thoughts, ideas, observations and little snippets of my day to day life. So, thank you Empress Consort Teishi....... I bow to you and your great work and hope, in some small way, mine might be great too.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

A cut in time....

I am a child of the 60's, I spent many hours sitting in hairdressers watching grandmothers, aunts and mothers having hair washed, setting lotion applied, curlers wound, nets on, under the dryer, magazine in hand. Then on to back combing teasing and spray, so much spray, weekly this ritual occurred. There is a whole generation of women (my mother included) who have never styled their own hair.... but for one man my generation has been saved this ritual....we have been freed the torture of the clip and curl.... Vidal Sassoon, our saviour!

I had my first bob cut when I was 15, I worked on Saturdays and in the holidays at a hairdressers. The twin sons of the glamorous Italian owner were disciples of Vidal and after one trip up to Sassoon's for a cutting course to learn the new convex cut they decided that I should be their model. Well they were young, handsome, Canadian born and accented....and I had the biggest crush on one of them. For several hours I sat in the chair whilst they snipped away, strand by strand, perfectionists both, until finally the cut was achieved, photographs taken and there it was, my first 'bob'. I loved it, the cut, the attention, the whole thing and since that day, despite the odd moment of curl , I have been a 'bob' disciple too. It is the perfect hair style for any age, it always looks fresh and of the moment, it exudes style rather than high fashion and will, I believe, remain timeless forever. So it was with a sadness that I woke to hear of the death of Vidal Sassoon, but what a life, what a legacy. Mr Sassoon I thank you, for the freedom you gave to women all over the world, for that shiny, easy to care for hair style that will forever be yours. Rest in peace, sir rest in peace.

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